My Songs are for Paris

Paris Rose at John Peratt Funeral

Okay, this picture’s a couple months old, but it deserves front page recognition for being one of Daddy’s favorites. Paris will be 19 months old November 23rd! She’s growing so fast and learning new words everyday. She still likes to push the power button on Daddy’s big screen TV while he’s trying to watch Lost, but I’m sure she’ll eventually find other buttons to push.

She’s into everything, and I mean everything! No amount of child-proofing will stop this little curious angel. Bathroom privacy? Ha! It’s so wonderful to watch her be so involved with our lives and interested in seeing and touching everything. We’ve both seen a lot of girls her age who just sit passively, almost numb to the world. Not Paris…..oh no, she’s not even a year and a half old and already everything is “mine”. (lol)

Stay tuned for photos in the next few days or so!