Paris Has a Rough Week

Paris Rose

Poor Paris Rose went to see the doctor Friday and was diagnosed with an ear infection and throat infection; this only a week after getting her Chicken Pox and Measles shots.

Our little angel was nearly catatonic last week, with puffy cheeks and swollen bags under her eyes. Fortunately, the amoxicillin the doctor prescribed has helped tremendously. She’s was feeling a lot better this morning, clapping, playing, and hungry as ever. She has to take the medicine for another week; medicine she’s starting to detest.

So we moved our over-sized table this weekend after little Paris Rose banged her mouth on it, then fell and bumped the back of her head. I didn’t even have to play AC/DC, she was head-banging to the beat of her own drum and WHACK! So our task for this upcoming weekend is to find a large throw rug to cover the hardwood floor in the living room. I’m thinking of getting a nice over-sized beanbag as well. Those are so much fun!

I’ll attach a picture of our bruised little princess tonight. 🙂