Paris Rose July of 2006

Paris Rose at the Buena Park Mall

The photo above was taken at the Buena Park Mall on July 16th, a day after our 6 Year Anniversary. We’ve had one heck of a month! From Daddy’s 30th Birthday Party, to our Anniversary and a wonderful surprise baby shower for Trinity! We would be LOST without Paris’ grandparents (thanks Mom and Dad – all four of you)! And special thanks to Aunt Jeanette who has been picking up Paris after daycare; you’ve all been so kind in helping us, we really truly appreciate it!

Here’s an adorable shot of Paris at the Orange County Fair, taken last weekend (July 8th, 2006). She terrorized the poor animals, ate some fresh corn on the cobb, and toured around with us through all the exibition buildings. We’ll be sure to post some more photos to her gallery really soon!

Paris Rose at the Orange County Fair